When To Change Aquatru Filters Are Yours Overdue

When to Change AquaTru Filters

Knowing when to change a water filter is essential for ensuring the filter continues to offer a high level of performance over its years of use.

If you’ve purchased a water filtration system from AquaTru, you should find information on when to change the filters in your user manual. However, I know how easy it can be to misplace a piece of paper – or you may not have even purchased a filter yet if you’re still researching your options.

This short guide will offer all the info you need to know about when to replace your AquaTru filters.

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🕓 How Long Does Each AquaTru Filter Last?

The lifespan of an AquaTru filter depends on which filtration machine you’ve purchased from the brand.

There are two different AquaTru filter units, so make sure you pay attention to which system you purchased in what year, so you change your filter cartridges as recommended.

If you purchased a filter unit after 6 April, 2018, the pre/carbon filter (i.e. filter 1 and 2) should last approximately 6 months, or after 600 gallons of use.

If your filter unit was purchased before this date, you should replace your pre/carbon filter after approximately 1200 gallons of use, or 1 year. To maintain a high level of performance, you should change the pre/ carbon filter at the same time as the reverse osmosis filter.

For filter units purchased before 6 April, 2018, the VOC filter will need to be changed after 1 approximately 1 year or 600 gallons.

If you bought your filtration system after 6 April, 2018, you’re advised to change the VOC filter after 600 gallons.

The reverse osmosis filter in a unit purchased before 6, April, 2018, needs to be changed once it has operated for approximately 2 years or 1200 gallons.

In AquaTru filter units purchased after this time, the reverse osmosis filter is again designed to last a long time, and will need changing after approximately 1200 gallons.

📅 How to Know When to Replace AquaTru Filters?

No matter when you purchased an AquaTru filter system, you won’t have to worry about remembering to replace the filters, as the system will alert you when it’s time.

If you’d prefer to have just-in-case backup for your peace of mind, use the information above to note down in your calendar when you will next need to replace each of your filters.

💵 How Much Do AquaTru Replacement Filters Cost?

The exact price of filter replacements depends on where you look online.

You can buy the carbon filter/ pre-filter for around $20 on its own.

The reverse osmosis filter, lasting for 1200 gallons, costs around $50 on its own.

The VOC filter, lasting 600 gallons, is available for just under $30.

You can usually get better deals than simply buying the filter cartridges alone, so if you’ve got the cash to splash up front, consider purchasing a yearly package of filter cartridges at a discount.

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