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The Eco-Friendly Brands Our Editors Really Love

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Whether you’re looking to lead a lower waste lifestyle, want to be more careful about the chemicals you use around your home, or you’re just interested in supporting companies that are focused on long-term environmental sustainability, going green isn’t just a passing trend—it’s a growing movement.

We asked editors from The Spruce to share the brands they trust when they’re looking for eco-friendly or sustainable options. Spanning the furniture in your home to the containers you store your leftovers in to chapstick for your lips, they shared the brands they really use at home.

Here, our editors’ favorite sustainable and eco-friendly brands:

Bee’s Wrap

“Earlier this year I made the decision to limit the amount of single-use plastic in my life. One big culprit: plastic food wrap. Between storing leftovers in plastic containers and replacing my food wrap with beeswax wraps, the transition has actually been relatively easy—and way less inconvenient than I expected. These Bee’s Wrap food wraps look cute, adhere to all my dishes to keep food fresh, and they’re really easy to clean. Plus, when it’s time to replace them, they’re compostable so they can go right in the same garbage can as all my food scraps.”—Kate McKenna, email editor

The Citizenry

“As I’ve become more and more interested in creating a cozy home sanctuary during these crazy times, I also wanted to be mindful of the global impact of my shopping choices. The citizenry focuses on producing ethically-made and fairly-traded decor through direct partnerships with skilled artisans all over the world. I think it’s an awesome way to support them while owning a piece that’s really special.”—Candace Madonna, visual editor


“I’ve been using Method products for over five years, and they never disappoint! Their formulas are safe, effective, and smell amazing, but most importantly, their packaging is eco-friendly. Method bottles are made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, and their refill pouches use about 80 percent less water, plastic, and energy than traditional bottles. Beyond packaging, Method is constantly looking for ways to lower or prevent their carbon emissions by switching to renewable energy. I love knowing that I’m supporting a company that’s climate conscious and cares about giving back!”—Katherine Louie, commerce editor


“Like many others, last year I took a close look at my consumption of single use products. What surprised me the most was how much my husband and I relied on disposable plastic bags for food storage and travel, since I generally associate single use plastic bags with school lunches (and we don’t have kids). I upgraded to Stasher bags and haven’t looked back—they are incredibly durable (other brands I tried got beat up after a few uses) and I love that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

A portion of every sale goes to charities like Surfrider Foundation and 5 Gyres, and as a company, they are transparent about their efforts to support sustainability and clean up the oceans.”—Allison Bean, editorial director

Burt’s Bees

“Most companies don’t have a ‘purpose’ section within their About Us description but Burt’s Bees does! I’ve been using several Burt’s Bees products daily for a decade now. I love their pomegranate lip balm and their daytime facial lotion, which is super lightweight and not at all greasy. I also use a Burt’s Bees toner. When a company makes great products and has a conscience of top of it, it feels like a win-win situation to support them by buying their stuff.”— Mélanie Berliet, general manager


“Don’t get me wrong, I love my reusable straws, but silicone and reusable plastic are still a problem for the earth. Plus, if I’m on the run or hosting a guest, a single-use straw still sometimes makes sense. I’m so impressed with this brand’s non-plastic straws that don’t disintegrate in my beverage (yeah, I’m looking at you, paper). These are made from rice (edible!), sugarcane, grass, or coconut, and are all fully biodegradable and compostable. Win-win-win.”—Caroline Mullen, editor

Murphy’s Naturals

“In my never ending quest to rid the world of mosquitos, I came across these mosquito repellent incense sticks and now I stockpile them. If we’re sitting outside, there is at least one lit. I hate bug spray, especially if it’s got DEET in it so these were a great find.”—Margot Cavin, photo producer

Seventh Generation

“When it comes to cleaning products, natural ingredients aren’t usually a must for me—I’m mostly concerned with whether or not it works. But that’s exactly why I appreciate Seventh Generation products.

I’ve been using one bottle of their dish soap for months now (and I’ve been doing a lot of dishes since I’m working from home right now), and I’m just about to finish the bottle—it’s that powerful! It cuts through grease and stuck on food like it’s nothing.

I’m also a big fan of their disinfecting wipes, which are compostable and can be used on food contact surfaces, which isn’t the case for many disinfectants.”—Kate Geraghty, senior commerce editor

The Wally Shop

“A friend turned me onto this zero-waste grocery delivery service during the New York lockdown in March, and I’ve been hooked ever since. How it works: choose from a variety of fresh produce and dry staples on their site, place your order, and expect to receive a reusable tote filled with your goodies in a day or so. Once done with your items, Wally will then pick up the empty packaging, wash it, and reuse it for your next order—convenient and sustainable.”—Lily Sperry, commerce production assistant

Mrs. Meyers

“To be completely honest, I wasn’t drawn to Mrs. Meyers because of the brand’s plant-derived ingredients. At first, I just fell in love with their basil scent—especially in the Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner which works wonders on kitchen grease and coffee rings. Finding out that Mrs. Meyers’ products are made from (mostly) renewable plant resources—like coconut, soy, and olive—was a really nice surprise, though. I also like that their biodegradable formulas come in bottles made partially from post-consumer plastic.”—Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

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