8 Best Faucet Water Filters

8 Best Faucet Water Filters – (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Faucet water filtration systems offer an inexpensive way of drinking healthy water. They are easy to install, and they are effective at removing contaminants from the water. But did you know that some of them only use a filter cartridge once every three months?

In the following article, we present the best faucet water filters. Don’t you know how to tell an efficient faucet water filter from a bad one? You came to the right place. Further, in the faucet water filter reviews, we explain how these filters work, how to install them, and the benefits of using them.

Faucet water filters are also an environmentally-friendly way of getting your drinking water. Unlike other filter technologies, these models do not produce wastewater, and they don’t need electricity to work.

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The Benefits of Faucet Water Filters

There are many benefits to using a faucet water filter.

Even though these are just water filters, not purifiers, they will produce healthier water than what usually comes out of your faucet. It doesn’t matter if you are connected to a municipal water source or a tested well, the filters will block many contaminants from entering your drinking water. Consequently, you will enjoy the benefits of filtered tap water.

Also, see our blog post on distilled vs. purified water.

Some people avoid buying water filters because they’re afraid they won’t know how to install them. This is not a problem for faucet water filters. These filters are easy to install, and most people will be able to install them by themselves in under 5 minutes.

It doesn’t matter which faucet water filter model you choose, it will remove the chlorine from the water. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in municipal water filtering facilities. However, chlorine has been linked to a number of diseases in the past decade, so it would be better to avoid ingesting it.

Faucet water filters are very good at removing weird smells or tastes from the water. If you think the water coming out of your faucet has a funny taste or smell, these are the filters for you.

A faucet water filter will stop Giardia and Cryptosporidium from reaching your drinking water. Ingesting these microorganisms might lead to a rapid deterioration of your health. People with giardiasis might experience symptoms for up to 6 weeks.

Faucet water filters do not waste any water during the filtration process. They also don’t need electricity to run, so they don’t have a carbon footprint. These filters are also more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water because they don’t use plastic containers.

Not only will be reducing your plastic consumption good for the environment, but it will also be healthier. Not all mineral water manufacturers use food-grade plastic for their containers, so after some time, the plastic might leak into the water. Drinking this water can lead to some serious health issues.

These filters are very efficient at removing nitrates and nitrites from your water source. These compounds are usually found in pesticides and insecticides, and they can accidentally leak into your water source. Ingesting these compounds is especially dangerous for the young and elderly.

Faucet water filters are very efficient at reducing the number of heavy metals present in your water. Heavy metals can leak into the water from the contaminated soil, but sometimes even the pipes distributing the water from the municipal source can contain some.

What Features Should I Look For In a Faucet Water Filter?

Faucet water filters are low-maintenance units. However, one constant maintenance operation you will need to do regularly for every filter is the filter change. Having clean filters is essential if you want to drink clean water at all times. This is why it’s important to know when to change water filters before they get blocked by filth. A filter change sensor can help with that. Some models use a sensor that will notify you when the filters approach the changing period, while others will only notify you when the filter needs immediate change. It doesn’t matter which of the sensors your filter has, as long as it has one. If you don’t choose a filter with this kind of sensor, you will have to mark every change of filters you do.

The longer your filters will last, the less frequently you will have to change them. This might not seem like a big advantage since the filter change usually doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, but it can be frustrating to have to change the filter every month. If you know you’re not very patient, it might be better to opt for a unit that needs a less frequent filter change from the start.

Some faucet water filters don’t swivel at all, and this might be an inconvenience when you do the dishes, especially if you use larger pots or trays. Having a filter that swivels will remove this problem altogether.

Getting to pick the water filter’s finish will help you maintain the kitchen’s decor. Choose the same finish as your other appliances and fixtures, and the faucet will blend right into the kitchen’s design.

Best Faucet Water Filters Comparison Chart

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Tap Filter

iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Mount Water Filter

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter System

Best Faucet Water Filter Reviews (Updated List)

Longevity is the name of the game when it comes to tap water filtration. The guys at Waterdrop seem to understand that as they offer us a tap filter, which will last for about three months of extensive use. When it comes to the water flow, we have some concerns, but it’s nothing to worry about. You will get about half a gallon per minute, which is definitely not optimal, but it is serviceable.

Now, as far as effectiveness goes, the filter will do an excellent job as it will rid you of fluoride and lead. Additionally, you will not feel the nasty chlorine taste after using the unit. Another cool thing is that the filters are not out of stock and you can order them in three-packs or 6-packs.

An essential piece of info is that you can use hot water with the product only when the lever is in the normal position. Otherwise, it is only for cold water applications. You can use it on a bathroom sink faucet too.



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The iSpring DF2-CHR is an affordable faucet water filter from a well-known brand. We’d say it’s a fantastic value for money as its filter can last up to 8 months. It can filter up to 500 gallons of water, depending on the level of contamination and sediments in the water, of course. This product removes the common heavy metals and chemical compounds such as atrazine, lindane, VOCs, and others that may irritate the skin.

And can you really put a price on having many months of clean drinking water straight from your tap?

It has everything you need for installing it, including a universal adapter for different types of faucets. This also makes it easy to take apart, replace the filter, and re-install it. This model is more advanced than others, similar to it from this brand.  Every user can feel the quality of the metal the moment the unit is taken out of the box. Hot water doesn’t damage the filter as it can endure up to 176 degrees.

If you’re looking to replace an old faucet filter or are searching for your very first one, this might be the ideal product for you.



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This is the cheapest water filter we included on our list. With a low starting price and a high overall rating, this is a water filter you should take into consideration. The system is easy to install, and it has a 100-gallon filtering capacity, so you can change the filters once every 2 months tops.

The water filter is very effective. It will filter out most of the contaminants in your water and you will be able to tell the difference as soon as you finish installing it. The filter is certified to reduce the sediment, bacteria, microorganisms, cysts, chlorine, and many other contaminants from your water. The filter is also very good at removing any foul odors or tastes from the water.

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This model provides a good water filtration solution for people who have a mildly polluted water source. The filter can be easily installed directly on your existing faucet, and it allows you to have separate access to the filtered and unfiltered water.

One of the advantages of using this water filter is the good water flow it produces. Unlike other water filters that cut back the water flow, this one actually increases it. The filtered water will have increased pressure, so you will be able to fill recipients quickly.

Another advantage is the light sensor it comes with. The sensor will notify you when it’s time to change the filters. When the light is green, the filters are still good. The yellow light appears when the filters will need changing soon, and the red one will only appear when you have to change the filters at once.

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This is the most popular water filter in its category, and it’s currently the best-selling model on Amazon. This water filter provides a nice and steady flow of water, and it comes at an attractive price.

The main advantage of using this water filter is its effectiveness. The filter is capable of removing over 70 different contaminants, and it’s very efficient. This model is certified to remove up to 99% of the lead, 96% of the mercury, and 92% of the pesticides contaminating your water.

Another advantage is the easy installation. You can connect and remove the filter to your faucet in a matter of minutes, so you can easily take it off when you need to. The filter is also made of top quality materials, so it will last for a long time.

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This is another very popular choice we included on our list. The Culligan is also one of the best-rated units you’ll find in its category on Amazon. And we’ll be honest with you, after taking a closer look at how it filters the water, all the high ratings are justified.

This water filter also has one of the simplest installation processes from the models we reviewed. After the installation, you can choose when to filter the water and when not to.

One of the advantages of using this filter is the long warranty period it comes with. With a 2-year warranty period, it’s clear that the manufacturer is confident enough in this model to believe it will last longer.

Another advantage is that the filter comes with two separate finishes, so you can make sure it will match your other appliances and fixtures.

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The InstaPure water filter is a good choice for every home. The water filter comes with everything you need for the installation, and it can be mounted on most kitchen faucet models. Thanks to its chrome finish, this water filter will blend right in with the rest of your fixtures and appliances.

One of the advantages of using this model is its ease of use. The filter can be instantly turned on or off, so you can choose when to use filtered or unfiltered water. This feature also allows you to fully appreciate the difference in taste between the two types of water.

Unlike other filters, this model is sleek and easy to install so it will be very easy to mount on your faucet. Another advantage is that the filters are also cheap. You have to change them once every three months, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

This water filter is one of the most efficient units in its category. The activated carbon charcoal filter it uses will remove most of the contaminants from your water. The carbon filter will reduce sediment, cysts, mercury, lead, and chlorine. The KDF55 particle filter will also remove fungi, scale, lime, mold, and bacteria.

One of the advantages of using this water filter is its sturdy and durable construction. Unlike other filters that are made out of flimsy cheap plastic, this model is made out of food-grade ABS plastic which is also BPA-free.

Another advantage is the increased longevity of the filters it uses. This model can filter up to 200 gallons of water before you have to change the filters, so you will only need to change them once every 4 – 5 months or so. The filter cartridge is very easy to replace, and the whole process shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes.

How do Tap Faucet Water Filters Work?

Before we start explaining how faucet filters work, we have to make sure you’re aware of something. Faucet water filters filter the water, but they do not purify it. Many people consider the two terms synonymous, but they’re actually not the same thing.

Just to be clear, water filters like these produce filtered water, while reverse osmosis systems produce pure water. The difference between the two is notable, but here is a quick explanation of what’s different.

When you use a water purifier, you don’t have to use it on treated water. You can simply use it on untested well water, or even on the water you previously know to be contaminated. Water purifiers like reverse osmosis systems will remove up to 99% of the contaminants in the water. Actually, just to be called a water purifying system, a unit has to be capable of removing at least 95% of the contaminants.

Water filters shouldn’t be used on highly contaminated or untreated water sources because they don’t work that way. When you use a water filter like a faucet water filter system, you actually improve the water’s quality by up to 20%. This automatically means the water will be healthier than it was before the filtration, but it doesn’t mean it will be good for you. A highly contaminated water source might still be dangerous for your health even if you filter it.

Faucet water filters usually rely on a cartridge filter. The cartridge has more components that work together to filter out the contaminants in the water. While there might be some differences between models made by various manufacturers, most of them employ the same components and most water filters work in a similar way.

This is the first step in the filtration process, and it’s usually done with the help of a non-woven screen wrapped around the cartridge. The screen is specially designed to stop large and small particles like rust, dirt, debris, and sand.

Now that the water is mostly clear of any sediment and rust, it reaches the activated carbon block. The activated carbon has a porous surface, filled with nooks and crannies. When the water flows through the block, the contaminants in the water are trapped in these crannies through a process called adsorption. Once in a while, the porous surface of the activated carbon gets filled with contaminants so its efficiency will drop. This is why you should always make sure you use clean filters.

Most manufacturers nowadays use treated activated carbon for their cartridges. This means that another substance is impregnated into the carbon to give it some particular features. Sometimes silver is added to kill off any fungi or bacteria that might escape the carbon filter. Other times some other chemicals might be used, but their purpose would be similar.

The next step in the filtration process ensures that the chemical contamination level is reduced. Activated carbon filters are very good at removing usual contaminants like chlorine, but they can’t filter out chemicals like heavy metals or even magnesium and calcium. This is why most manufacturers make sure this filter takes out other contaminants that might find their way into your water source, like lead, mercury, or nitrites and nitrates. This filter also blocks out bad odors and tastes. The amount of time the water stays in contact with the cartridge filter determines how many contaminants are trapped. If the water has longer contact with the activated carbon filter, more contaminants will be trapped in the porous surface of the filter. This is why many faucet water filters will produce slower water flow.

Faucet Water Filter Installation

Even though they are produced by different manufacturers, most faucet water filters have a similar installation process. Before you begin the installation, make sure you have an adjustable wrench and some Teflon tape close at hand. Most faucet water filters come with all the necessary components for the installation, and some of them will also come with Teflon tape, but it’s better to be prepared. Here’s how you install a faucet water filter.

Faucet Water Filter Cleaning & Replacement

Changing the filter is done differently depending on the model and manufacturer. However, most of the time this operation shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

If you choose a faucet water filter that uses a filter change sensor, you should respect its indication and change its filters appropriately. Some manufacturers will also remind you via mail when it’s time to change the filters. If your faucet water filter doesn’t have a filter change indicator, you should always mark the date you changed the filters on your calendar. Most water filters come with a capacity indicator, so you know that it should last for about 100, 200, or more gallons but you don’t know how long that means.

On average, an American household would consume up to 2 gallons of drinking water per person per day. So if you live in a household of three, that means 6 gallons per day. This means you will have to change a water filter with a capacity of 200 gallons roughly once every 30 days. This period might vary according to your consumption. You may also want to check out our top picks of whole house water filters.

If you notice limescale deposits on your faucet water filter, you can clean them using a clean rag and some vinegar or lime/lemon juice. Just fill a bowl of water with a mix of 1/2 water + 1/2 vinegar or lemon juice, dip the rag in the mix, and use it to remove the limescale.

FAQ’s About Faucet Water Filters

Wrap Up

Faucet water filters are nowadays very effective at blocking and removing different contaminants from your water source. Some models are so technologically advanced that they remove more than 70 different contaminants, a thing possible only when using reverse osmosis systems in the past.

Unlike other filtration systems, these models do not produce wastewater, which makes them cheaper to use, and more environmentally friendly. Their good filtering capacity and cheap price make them very valuable units.

The best tap faucet water filters will remove most of the contaminants in your water, producing better-tasting water, similar to that of bottled water.

We’re certain that after reading our faucet water filter reviews and the comprehensive buying guide we prepared, you’re ready to make an informed decision on which model is the right one for you.

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